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I must admit, I neglect my children. SOMETIMES.

Only when I have a new book… and that’s most weeks. Books are like movies to me. You can’t just stop a movie partway through, to start again the next night and pick up where you left off. You need to see what happens, Movies are best enjoyed if you watch the whole thing in 1 sitting.

This is how I feel about books! Lucky I’m a fast reader, so the kids only have to fend for themselves for 1 day usually!

The child Neglect I’m talking about here is not serious mind you. I still feed them, clean them and most of all sleep them. But I do all this begrudgingly except the sleep part (so I can read uninterrupted.) If I hear “mum I’m hungry” the response is not ‘ok darling what can I get you?’ its more to the tune of “Again? I’m sure I just fed you, go fix yourself a sandwich and while you are at it, make one for your brother!

So I have learnt to only get quick reads, and read on my iPod, that way my book is totally portable, so for one day a fortnight (I also limit when I start a book) everything I do is with my iPod at he end of 1 arm… dinners are lazily cooked and usually half prepared because I have gotten to a good part and forgotten to stir the sauce or something, the housework doesn’t even register, mister 2 will trash the lounge room and I wont even notice and forget about washing… it all can wait!!

The worst case scenario for my family is that I find a trilogy… The Hunger Games was a rough 4 days for my family… here’s me thinking, ‘oh a young adult series, they’ll be quick reads’ and they were perfect… it’s just that I couldn’t stop between books!!

I refuse to stop reading. even if it is detrimental to my family. I love the escape into other worlds and other lives. Books are my bff’s.

Comments on: "On The Subject of Reading and Child Neglect…" (4)

  1. Moment Matters said:

    I also loved the Hunger Games series. Don’t you get sad when you already finished reading all the three books? It’s a good thing they made a movie, to be out this year!

    • Im a bit weary about movies from books. I have a full on imagination so when the movie is made I usually walk out saying, well thats not how I pictured it! In saying that I do like other peoples points of view so I’m pretty excited about seeing this movie. I also read ‘The Help’ and I’m looking forward to seeing that one too!

  2. Thanks for the great idea. My daughter is finishing the second book of the Hunger Games trilogy. She has been loving it and has telling me all about. It would be great for me to share the adventure with her. Thanks so much for planting that seed for me. I could probably get caught up in a week, So glad you mentioned that you’ve enjoyed the books.
    Looking forward to visiting again.

  3. One of the best ways to get your kids to be readers is to be a reader. If they see you with books, they’ll want to do the same. Hey, it’s better than smoking in front of them and having them copy that, right?

    My oldest brother taught me to read by reading me whatever he was reading. He read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy to me when I was in first grade or something–totally age-inappropriate, but it get me to appreciate language and storytelling.

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