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Facebook Musings

This morning I read about being friends with your parent/s on Facebook. http://lemonysnippet.com/2012/01/05/parents-on-facebook-friend-or-dont-friend/

That was a mixed bag for me, I have my Step-Mum as my friend on facey, she rarely comes on (that’s visible… I think dad may stalk more than he lets on!!) I have my Mum-In-Law, which we converse regularly through, and I make my daughter be friends with me… although I’m unsure about having my mum there!!

First of all I would have to set up the account for her then teach her how to use it, and then there is the whole issue of: somethings don’t need to be told to mum!! Although if you follow lemonysnippet’s chart I should friend mum, as there is not much I don’t already tell her. Maybe that’s why I like her not being on Facebook… so I have something to tell her!

It also bugs me when people put hourly status updates of what they are doing:

11am: baking muffins

12pm: muffins were yum

1pm: might have a nap

2pm: forget the nap, too hot, going for a swim

I mean really? are they that disconnected from real people? or are they needing outside approval of their lives?

ah well, I might just go and hang out my washing now, before I get to ranty! (I’ll post agin and let you know how it goes!)


Comments on: "Facebook Musings" (3)

  1. That’s a funny graphic! Also, that’s a good point about people updating every moment of their lives. It is like they totally disconnected and are just looking to talk to someone at all times, or seek approval for their existence or something. I know a lot of people who document their every mundane move, but never actually say anything on Facebook.

    • thanks for giving me my inspiration!! I am really enjoying your blog. I love facebook, but only because I can show off my kids and keep in touch with people away from us. Im too busy to update constantly. Anyway, thanks for giving me a good read most mornings with your blog and thanks for you comment!

  2. I love the graphic. I’ll peek around FB every once in while to stay in touch with nieces, nephews and friends from afar. The regular really crack me up at times.

    Love your blog

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