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Whats In A Name?

In my recent attempt to find who I am, I began this blog.

Still not really understanding exactly what I’m doing here or who I’m writing to I have just began to ramble….

Hopefully some of my ramblings will turn out to be interesting enough for people (you) to read!

How hard was it to come up for the name of your blog? Or did you come to WordPress with it all mapped out?

I came up with my name ~reneenomore~ as a reminder to myself what I’m trying to achieve here

reneenomore is because once upon a time I was Renee.  Just Renee.  Carefree, High-Sprited, Funny, Outgoing Renee.

Not any more it seems somedays. Now I am Mans girlfriend, Child 1’s mother, Child 2’s slave, and general dogsbody and go between for my family.

So I am now signing up for Postaweek2011 challange to see if each week I can find just a little more of Renee.


Comments on: "Whats In A Name?" (2)

  1. Renee (yesterday, today, tomorrow)
    I understand how you feel… women wear so many hats these days! When I started my first blog, Creation Divine, the name came to me pretty easily. CD are also my initials. When I started the other blog, my main blog- Collective Disclosure- it took me about two hours of straight trying to get the perfect combination of a C and a D word. I’d have one, but not the other. I knew what “feel” I wanted to go for, and finally I figured it out. On a broader note, that’s sort of how it goes for me as a woman, as my hats keep taking turns. It takes a little bit to figure it out… but when you get it, it’s hard not to move forward at full speed. Best wishes always,

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