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Hello to the world of bloggers!

Never fear, Renee is here!

Well in the last year I seem to have forgotten what I am interested in, what I am passionate about, so I guess my blog is about me reuniting with myself and finding out who I am and what I like to do.

At the moment my life seems to revolve around my children and partner, I cook dinners, take child 1 to school, feed child 2 and wash and iron their clothes. when im feeling a bit bored with this I wash the floors and clean the bathroom…..

Oh My God, where did I go… who is this nana writing to you?

So welcome to my quest of finding myself again…

I need to set myself a task, a deadline if you will of actually leaving my house and accomplishing something for myself….

todays task will be to walk to the beach, by myself. Yup with no pushchair or tagalong whining on how far it is.

I have to go and give child 2 lunch…



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